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ADHD Parenting just got infinitely easier!

Video “Coaching” on the issues that (literally) concern YOU!

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You now have access to
*100s of short (4 minute) ADHD videos,
*any time of day, *on any device,
*as many times as you wish (or need!)
*from anywhere in the world!

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 We cover a range of topics from school success to hygiene, 504 plans to lying and back talk.

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Who am I?

I am a 30-year veteran teacher and school counselor and an ADHD parenting & teaching specialist for 10 years.
I was diagnosed with ADHD in 1980, at age 23.
Fun fact: I’m one of the first adults to be diagnosed, at a time when it was thought that teens eventually outgrow ADHD!


Don’t miss out! Empower yourself & your children/teens!

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*Imagine sitting in the carpool line watching a video on your phone.
Your child comes to the car and you can IMMEDIATELY put into practice
what you just learned from The ADHD Video Club!


*Or how about those sleepless hours when you’re so worried about your ADHD child or teen
that you can’t think straight, let alone sleep?

All the videos are ready to watch and will answer your most pressing questions.
Be reassured and calm enough to finally fall sleep!

What about relatives, friends, or teachers that don’t understand ADHD but have tons of advice?
Just show them a video and get them educated without fighting or feeling disempowered in any way.

Looking Down

*There’s also a section for teens and another for teachers!
Help them help you!

Subscribers also have the awesome opportunity to ask their own questions and get them answered in video format. AWE-SOME!

Only $15/month.
And you can lock in your fee when you subscribe

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