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What If My Kids Don’t Want to Participate in Coaching?

October 3, 2015

Tweet Pin It  — The power struggle Sometimes, especially when the child seems to be running the household, parents can’t get their son or daughter interested in coaching (why should they be interested? They’re afraid they’re going to lose all that power!) Other times, the child is too young for coaching. I am committed to […]

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Building Executive Functions: Let Your ADHD Child Say NO

October 2, 2015

So many times we hear that “NO” and we push back: “What do you mean ‘NO’? I’m your mother/father! Don’t ‘NO’ me!” But what if we say, “OK, if you’ve got a better idea, I’d like to hear it.”

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Does Your Child Have The Correct ADHD Diagnosis?

October 1, 2015

Tweet Pin It   Does your child have the correct ADHD diagnosis? Do you? This past week I’ve been blogging about the 7 Types of ADHD (Classic, Inattentive, Over-Focused, Temporal Lobe, Limbic, Ring of Fire, and ADHD with Anxiety), Dr. Daniel Amen’s identifications. As scientists and behaviorists learn more and more about ADHD, it really […]

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Free Webinar: How to Get School Personnel to Listen to Your Child’s Needs

September 29, 2015

Tweet Pin It No, you don’t need a megaphone! Join Margit Crane Luria on Wednesday, September 30 at either 1pm or 4pm, Pacific time for a 1-hour look at “How to Get School Personnel to Listen to Your Child’s Needs” Go here to register and get the login/phone information. (The class will be recorded so […]

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7 Types of ADHD: Anxious ADD

September 29, 2015

Tweet Pin It   Unlike with non-ADD anxiety, Anxious ADD symptoms are constant and do not fluctuate. People with Anxious ADD show the hallmark ADD signature of low prefrontal cortex activity combined with overactivity in the basal ganglia, a region of the brain that allows for smooth integration of emotions, thoughts, and physical movement. When […]

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7 Types of ADHD: Ring of Fire ADD

September 28, 2015

Tweet Pin It   What characterizes Ring of Fire ADD? From Dr. Amen: While the Inattentive brain is characterized by underative activity in the Pre-frontal cortex, Ring of Fire ADD is characterized by overall hyperactive brain activity. Possibly correlated with early bipolar disorder, allergies, or inflammation, Ring of Fire ADD is often the most intense […]

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7 Types of ADHD: Limbic ADHD

September 25, 2015

Tweet Pin It   What are the characteristics of Limbic ADHD Symptoms: Core symptoms of Classic ADD, as well as chronic low-level sadness (not depression): moodiness, low energy, frequent feelings of helplessness or excessive guilt, and chronic low self-esteem. Cause: Too much activity in the limbic part of the brain (the mood control center); decreased […]

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7 Types of ADHD: Temporal Lobe ADHD

September 24, 2015

Tweet Pin It   One of the things you’ll start to notice is that some symptoms are repeating among the different types of Attention Deficit Disorder. This is why self-diagnosis can only take a person so far. What is the difference, for example, between Over-focused anger and Temporal Lobe anger and Ring of Fire anger? […]

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7 Types of ADHD: Over-focused ADHD

September 23, 2015

Tweet Pin It   I see a lot of clients with over-focused ADD. For a long while, I thought I had this type of ADHD. I was diagnosed before it was even called ADHD, so when new terms came into play, I had a bit of piecing together to do. I knew that I had […]

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