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Motivate Your ADHD Child or Teen on Mercer Island Dec 7


Motivate Your ADHD Child class at Verity Credit Union on December 1

November 19, 2015

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The #1 Holiday Tip for ADHD Families

November 18, 2015

Tweet Pin It   I liked holidays – so many familiar and new tastes and smells and sights to see.  At the same time, we never had a holiday like other people had. It didn’t feel warm and close. There was a lot of “sit still” and “stop talking while I’m talking.” I never really […]

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What Do the Paris Attacks Have to Do with ADHD?

November 14, 2015

Tweet Pin It   Disclaimer: I am not equating terrorism and the treatment of people with ADHD. Oh, wait, yes I am. This is one of the ways ADHD brains work – making connections where there are none obvious. We can all agree that the attacks in Paris are a monumental tragedy. Such hatred and […]

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What To Do When Your ADHD Child Has Poor Hygiene

November 14, 2015

Tweet Pin It     A lot of kids with ADHD aren’t great at personal hygiene. It’s so frustrating and confusing: what parent wants their kid to be “the smelly kid,” to quote the above scene from “Big Daddy?” On the surface, it’s true that it’s about not wanting to brush his teeth, comb her […]

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WEBINAR: 3 Secrets to Grabbing the Attention of Your ADHD Child or Teen

November 11, 2015

Tweet Pin It   November 18th Webinar 3 Secrets to Grabbing the Attention of Your ADHD Child or Teen. You keep trying to connect but they tune you out, talk over you, or push you away. You’re feeling angry, sad, confused, and frustrated… all at the same time! Join us for this 1-hour teleclass/webinar on […]

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Gifted With ADD/ADHD Classes in November and December

November 10, 2015

Tweet Pin It   Check out these upcoming Gifted With ADD/ADHD classes! Some are online/teleclasses and some are in person, in Greater Seattle. November 18th Webinar: 3 Secrets to Grabbing the Attention of Your ADHD Child or Teen. I’ll be teaching this free webinar/tele-class at 1pm and 7pm, Pacific time. The class will be recorded […]

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I was on The Tom Nardone Show!

November 9, 2015

Tweet Pin It   I was on the Tom Nardone Show – ADHD People, talking about Public Transportation, because, why not? Tom and his wife, Yvonne, are funny in the driest way possible. Both are quick witted and have really good insights (Overthinking much?) They both have ADHD so, of course, they picked a random […]

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PODCAST: Who Decided We Were the Deficient Ones?

November 8, 2015

Tweet Pin It   I’m super excited to share this podcast I did with Cristina Favreau of “Head-On: a show for ambitious women with ADHD.” Cristina has ADHD and is a virtual assistant and podcaster. Check out this page and see how magnificent she is!!! And then, of course, listen to the podcast! As many […]

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ADHD: Trick or Treat?

October 30, 2015

Tweet Pin It   Depending on who you talk to, ADHD is either a gift or a hardship. There really are two sides in the ADHD community. The issue isn’t whether there are gifts as part of ADHD. Most people agree with that, particularly with regards to creative thinking. Then you have the people that […]

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